Visitation Hours


  • Parents must call ahead of time and speak to a supervisor or Detention Officer to set up a zoom meeting visitation with their resident. (360)740-2632

  • Visitation hours are:
    -Mon-Friday: 1900-2000
    -Sat-Sun: 1000-1100, 1300-1400 & 1900-2000

  • Youth Visitations will be scheduled for 30-minute increments.

  • Parent/Guardian zoom visits may be recorded.

  • Parents are requested to:
    -To notify staff of who will be on the zoom call (parent/guardians only, unless other is previously approved by Probation)
    -To not share any social media outlets, phone calls, text messages etc.
    -Dress appropriately
    -Understand that the zoom call may be canceled or turned off for any reason deemed necessary per detention staff.
    -Any violation of the visitation guidelines may result in your visitation privileges being revoked.

Any inappropriate behavior, language, or actions will terminate your visit.