Public Records

Public records are governed by the Public Records Act (RCW 42.56) and pertains to all records prepared, owned, used, or retained by any department or office of Lewis County government, excluding the Lewis County Courts.

Public Records Officer (PRO): Casey Mauermann, Public Disclosure Manager


Risk Management Office

351 NW North Street, Basement Room 023

Chehalis, WA, 98532

(360) 740-2674


Under Washington law, the County Clerk’s Office, as part of the judiciary, is not subject to the Public Records Act (the “PRA”), Chapter 42.56 of the Revised Code of Washington (“RCW”). Please see Nast v. Michels (107 Wn.2d 300, 308, 730 P.2d 54 (1986) and City of Federal Way v. Koenig, 16 Wn. 2d 341, 217 P. 3d 1172, 1174 (2009).

Many court records are available for public inspection and copying under applicable law and court rule and are not handled by the County’s Public Records Officers. Requests should be submitted directly to those offices.

To obtain copies of court records, please contact the court where the document was filed.

Lewis County Superior Court records

Lewis County District Court records

Mission Statement

Lewis County agencies are required to make records available to the public for inspection and copying. To this end, the Lewis County is committed to providing the fullest assistance possible to ensure access to records containing information about the conduct of Lewis County government, while also being mindful of privacy rights defined in state law.


Risk Management, Public Records Office

351 NW North Street
Basement Room 023

Chehalis, WA, 98532

(360) 740-2674

Lewis County utilizes a web-based Records Center, below, for tracking and delivery of records requests. Click "View My Requests" to login.