Physical Education

Lewis County Juvenile Court believes that physical exercise should be incorporated into everyday life. We strive to educate our youth on how to use their own body weight to get exercise daily.

Exercise has proven to help decrease anxiety and depression while improving mood and quality of sleep. Therefore, exercise not only benefits your physical body, but it also influences your mental health in a positive way.

Here at Lewis County Juvenile Court, we teach our youth Tabata style workouts. This means there is absolutely no equipment, and they are strictly using their own body weight. We believe that this is beneficial to all youth regardless of your fitness levels. In addition, in order to provide fairness and levels of comfort, all workout moves will have modification options.

Youth also engage in HIIT style workouts, known to include 20 seconds of high intensity cardio followed by 10 seconds of rest.

A mixture of cardio and strength training are available to all in-custody youth at their own discretion.

To stretch out their muscles and provide some relaxation, youth may also engage in Yoga towards the end of the week. Since the implementation of this program, in-custody youth have shown tremendous excitement and participation.