Dear Parent or Guardian,

Lewis County Juvenile Court is contracting with the Cowlitz County Juvenile Detention facility for the holding of youth in custody during a renovation and construction project anticipated to last until May of 2022. Your child has been transported by Lewis County Detention Staff to Cowlitz County Juvenile Detention Center, located at 1725 1st Avenue, Longview, WA.

Your child will be housed at Cowlitz County Juvenile Detention Center until their release. You may set up a phone account for your child to contact you using SECURUS.

Cowlitz County Juvenile is currently allowing video visitation only. You will need to contact Cowlitz County Juvenile Detention at 360-577-3101 to setup a visitation time with your child via zoom.

Your child will still be under the jurisdiction of the Lewis County Juvenile Court Probation staff and will be attending court with a Lewis County Judge either via WebEX or in person at the Lewis County Law and Justice Center. If you child is to appear in person, the Lewis County Juvenile Court Staff will arrange to transport them from Cowlitz County to the Lewis County Law and Justice Center for court.

IMPORTANT: When your child is scheduled for release, Lewis County Detention Staff may transport your child back to your residence or another predetermined location. You must confirm your address, contact information and verify that you will be present with ID to sign for your child to be released to you when Lewis County Detention Staff contacts you.

Detention Manager

Vanessa Conwell (360) 740-2669

Detention Supervisors

Lowell Stewart (360) 740-2632

Nichole Davis (360)740-2632

Kellie Wright (360)740-2632

Kenneth Miller (360)740-2632

Detention Center (24 hour Facility)

(360) 740-2632

Fax (360) 748-3321