Work Crew

Jerry Elliot (360) 740-2680

Lewis County Juvenile Court strives to teach youth the importance of:

  • day reporting skills
  • what it means to work on a team
  • how to work within the community
  • how to gain essential job skills.


The Lewis County Work Crew Program is an alternative sanction to traditional incarceration within the juvenile detention facility. Youth sentenced to serve time in the detention center, may have the opportunity to serve a portion of their sentence in the Work Crew Program. It also provides youth on probation, At Risk-Youth, and participants in the Diversion Program, the opportunity to earn community service hours that can be apply to their court sanctioned hours and fines.

Since 1980, Lewis County Juvenile Court has been active in the community, offering a variety of services such as groundwork, brush cutting, trail and street cleanup, and painting. Often time’s youth are working hand-in-hand with community members toward a shared goal and gaining new skills for future endeavors.

Youth who successfully complete the program will be given credit toward their sentence, fines, and/or community service hours.

Day Reporting Contract

Community Service Contract

Work Crew Flyer