About Us


The Mission of the Lewis County Juvenile Court is to hold youth accountable, provide for community safety consistent with statutory mandates and to provide caring professional services to juveniles and their families, equipping them to become responsible citizens.

About Juvenile Court

The Juvenile Court is a division of the Lewis County Superior Court.

The Juvenile Court Division includes a twenty-four bed detention facility, a courtroom where juvenile offender and in-custody matters are heard, probation services to juveniles on court ordered supervision, diversion services and legal secretarial support for processing legal documents through the court.

The Juvenile Court has jurisdiction over matters which involve juveniles who are under l8 years of age, including criminal cases, dependency petitions, at-risk youth petitions, children in need of service (CHINS) petitions, truancy, sealing and destroying of juvenile records, marriage waivers and minors’ work permits.