The Corrections Bureau encompasses the Lewis County Jail. The Lewis County Jail was remodeled in 2005 and is approximately 69,000 square feet.

The Corrections Bureau is comprised of a Captain, Lieutenant, six Sergeants, forty-one Corrections Deputies, an Administrative Assistant and five Support Technicians.


The Custody Division is directly supervised by a Lieutenant and consists of four custody squads. A sergeant leads each squad and each squad is comprised of seven or eight Corrections Deputies. The Custody squads work 12 hour shifts, and have 3-4 days off per week. The shifts rotate every three months from Monday through Thursday to Thursday through Sunday. The squads work a total of six months on dayshift and six months on nightshift.

Custody staff conducts hourly checks on inmates and maintains safety and security of the facility. Custody staff is also responsible for service of meals, providing of supplies, and the transport, booking, and releasing of inmates in addition to those conducted by the Booking/Transport Division.


The Booking/Transport Division is directly supervised by a Programs Sergeant. It consists of the supervisor and seven Corrections Deputies. They work Monday – Friday. The division is responsible for all inmate court transports and maintains courtroom security during inmate trials. They are also responsible for the booking and releasing of inmates during normal business hours, as well as additional inmate transports outside the Law & Justice Center complex.


The Administrative Division is directly supervised by an Administrative Sergeant and consists of the supervisor, a Classification Deputy, a Drug Court Deputy and six Support Technicians.

The Classification Deputy reviews risk scores and criminal history to make sure all inmates are housed appropriately. They are also responsible for conducting inmate hearings related to infractions and monitoring of visitation, phone calls, and mail for potential violations.

The support technicians are responsible for entry and maintenance of records generated by Corrections Bureau employees. They are also responsible for handling the entry of warrants and protections orders issued from the Lewis County Court system. Additionally support technicians assigned to this division are responsible for visitation, medical billing, and commissary.

A Drug Court Deputy is dedicated to Lewis County Drug Court program as a compliance officer. Lewis County Drug Court is a felony diversion program for individuals who have felony charges related to Drug Addition. If they fully complete the program the felony is dismissed with prejudice. The Drug Court Deputy works with the Lewis County Drug Court team which includes a Defense Attorney, a Prosecutor, treatment professionals, a Drug Court manager and a Superior Court Judge.


The Corrections Bureau has contracts with Naphcare to provide inmate medical services and with Cascade Mental Health for inmate mental health counseling and treatment.

Any of the divisions within the Corrections Bureau may be reached by calling (360) 748-9241 (24/7) or see the subpages to the left for further information regarding bail, hours, visitation, commissary, etc.

You may contact the Jail Administration team at 360-740-2714 (Only Monday-Friday) or via email at