Forest Products Harvesting Permits

Specialized Forest Products Harvesting Permits

Harvest permits are issued for harvesting and/or transporting all cedar products, including cedar salvage and processed cedar products, and for harvesting and/or transporting the following:

  • Any specialty wood (western red cedar, Englemann spruce, Sitka spruce, big leaf maple, western red alder)
    • More than five (5) native ornamental trees or shrubs
    • More than five (5) pounds of cut or picked evergreen foliage
    • More than five (5) pounds of cascara bark
    • More than five (5) Christmas trees
    • More than five (5) gallons of single species of wild edible mushroom
    • Huckleberries harvested for sale (the permit for this type of harvest can also be obtained by Dept. of Natural Resources). Amount to be harvested and sold must be stated on permit.

An individual who has a logging company and/or a log truck that haul their wood DOES NOT need a harvest permit. They possess Bills of Lading and obtain their permits directly through Dept. of Natural Resources.

Effective January 1st, 2018 there is a $10.00 fee to obtain a Harvest Permit.

Frequently asked questions about Harvest Permits:

Who requires Harvest Permits?

State of Washington per RCW 76.48 Specialized Forest Products

What information do I need to bring in to obtain a permit?

Parcel number(s) and aerial map showing property boundaries are required for harvest permits where specialty wood (such as cedar products and other specialty wood) will be harvested.

Does the Owner of the property need to come to the office?

Not necessarily. However, a copy of a driver’s license or other form of picture ID will be required of the person submitting the form. Per RCW 76.48.060 which states … “(3) Before a permit form is validated by the sheriff, sufficient personal identification may be required to reasonably identify the person mailing or presenting the permit form and the sheriff may conduct other investigations as deemed necessary to determine the validity of the information alleged on the form…”

In the case of a parcel that is under a “Trust”, sufficient identification/verification will be required from the person representing the Trust to sign the permit. Original signatures are required on the permit from both parties. The Sheriff’s Office will verify, through sufficient personal identification, the identity of the landowner(s) prior to issuance of permits. A copy of the permit is mailed to the owner if the owner is not present at time of issuance.

I don’t know the exact amount or length of trees/wood that will be removed from my property. How do I determine if I need a permit?

If you don’t know the exact amount of wood that will be removed, you should OVER ESTIMATE the amount. We cannot issue permits for logs greater than eight (8) feet in length (except in special circumstances).

Do I need a permit if I am harvesting wood off my own property and taking it to the mill?

YES. This permit is a Harvest and Transport permit. Per RCW 76.48.070 (change in law in 2009) states …. “It is unlawful for any person either (a) to possess, (b) transport, or (c) to possess and transport within the state of Washington any cedar products, cedar salvage, or specialty wood without having in his/her possession a specialized forest products permit or a true copy thereof evidencing his or her title to or authority to have possession of the materials being so possessed or transported…”

What is required to pick/sell huckleberries or mushrooms?

We will need a copy of your Washington State business license and the location where the huckleberries or mushrooms will be bought.

Buyer requirements per RCW 76.48.085 states in part “…(1) Buyers who purchase specialized forest products or huckleberries are required to record:
a) The permit number
b) The type of forest product purchased, and whether huckleberries were purchased;
c) The permit holder’s name; and
d) The amount of forest product or huckleberries purchased.
(2) The buyer or processor shall keep a record of this information for a period of one year from date of purchase and must make the records available for inspection upon demand by authorized enforcement officials. (3) The buyer of specialized forest products must record the license plate number of the vehicle transporting the forest products or huckleberries on the bill of sale, as well as the seller’s permit number on the bill of sale…” (This RCW does not apply to Christmas trees)

I’m picking (mushrooms/salal/ huckleberries) from Forest Service land, who do I get my permit from?

If you pick “mushrooms, salal or huckleberries on Forest Service land, they will issue your harvest permit (which includes the transportation). If you pick mushrooms, salal or huckleberries from land other than Forest Service land, you will need to obtain a permit from the Sheriff’s Office, and this permit will also include transport.

If you want to harvest specialized forest products from private land, you may obtain the permit from our office at the Law & Justice Center, 345 W. Main St., Chehalis, WA 98532.

Complete the permit with the appropriate information and tax parcel number for the property. Return it to the Sheriff's Office for verification. If approved, the form will be signed by the Sheriff's Office and a seal applied to the form to show authenticity.

If you want to harvest from state lands, you must obtain the permit form from:

  • Department of Natural Resources
  • 601 Bond Road
  • Castle Rock, WA 98611
  • (360) 577-2025

For more information view the Chapter 76.48 RCW