Special Services Bureau


The Special Services Bureau encompasses the Records, Civil, Investigations, and Property and Evidence Divisions for the office. The Special Services Bureau consists of an Administrative Sergeant, Detective Sergeant, Director of Property Management, a Special Services Deputy, Detectives, and Support Technicians.


The Records Division is under the direct supervision of the Administrative Sergeant and consists of six Support Technicians. The division is responsible for the entry and maintenance of records generated by Operations Bureau and Special Services Bureau employees. The employees of this division are also responsible for processing public records requests, and work closely with the Lewis County Risk Management’s Public Records Officer. This division is also responsible for issuance of Concealed Pistol Licenses, required fingerprinting and background checks for firearm transfers, issuing Forest Products Harvest Permits, and other similar services.


The Civil Division is under the direct supervision of the Special Services Chief and consist of a Support Technician and a Special Services Deputy. The division is responsible for the processing, preparing, and execution of civil processes received by the office. These processes include, but are not limited to, service of protection orders, standard service of process i.e., summons & complaints, family court papers, evictions, executions of sales of both real and personal property, and other various types of writs from the court.


The Investigations Division is under the direct supervision of a Detective Sergeant and consists of five detectives. There are three general detectives, one detective assigned to the Joint Narcotics Enforcement Team (JNET), and one assigned to the Sex Offender Registration Unit. The Investigations Division is responsible for major and complex criminal investigations, and have specialized training and equipment to assist them in their duties. In partnership with the Chehalis and Centralia Police Departments, JNET is responsible for the investigation of controlled substance violations and trafficking. The Sex Offender Registration Unit is responsible for the registration, compliance checks, and ongoing review of sexual offenders residing in Lewis County.


The Property and Evidence Division is under the direct supervision of a Director of Property Management and consists of the director and a Support Technician. The Property and Evidence Division is responsible for the proper security, storage, and disposition of evidence and other property obtained by the office. The division is also responsible for coordination with various forensic laboratories for the further testing of evidence, fingerprinting of evidence, and overseeing the civil seizure process in regard to items seized by the office as a result of their criminal use.

Any of the divisions under the Special Services Bureau may be reached during regular business hours by calling (360) 748-9286.