Bail Information

Bail Information

The Lewis County Jail accepts bail on behalf of the court having jurisdiction over the charge an individual is booked on. The amount and type of bail is determined by the court.

Posting Bail - Cash Bail

Cash bail is accepted 24 hours a day. Cash may be placed in the kiosk in the main lobby during normal business hours and the release lobby after business hours. Instructions for placing money in the kiosk are posted in each location. The kiosk machine accepts 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollar bills.

Posting Bail -Bail Bonds

There are several bail bond companies authorized to write a bond for the Lewis County Courts. They are listed in the local phone book. Bail Bond companies charge a percentage of the bail amount as a fee which is not refundable. Lewis County Jail does not provide referrals to any specific Bail Bond Agencies.

Bail Reimbursement

All bail which is posted at the Lewis County Jail is forwarded to the court that ordered the bail. Please contact the appropriate court for the bail refund information.