Attorney – Client Communication

The Lewis County Jail offers many ways for attorneys to be in contact with their clients.

  • Attorney/Client Visitation through protected glass. Please be advised our booths are not completely sound proof.
  • Telephone contact. - Please contact the jail to provide any changes or additions to phone numbers. Attorneys may also create a privileged phone account via
  • Legal Mail sent to facility address at 28 SW Chehalis, Ave., Chehalis WA 98532.
  • Video Visit through Homewav account.
  • Send Fax requesting inmate phone call. For the fax number call the number below.

Please contact Jail Reception at 360-748-9241 for any questions.

Legal Mail

For incoming mail to be considered “Legal Mail” it must meet all of the following requirements:

  1. It must be correspondence from:
    • courts and court staff
    • attorneys, public defender, prosecuting attorney
    • the Indeterminate Sentence Review Board (ISRB)
    • Established groups involved in the representation of inmates in judicial proceedings (e.g., American, Civil Liberties Union, Disability Rights Washington, legal services groups, etc.)
    • the President or Vice President of the United States
    • members of the United States of Congress
    • embassies and consulates
    • the United States Department of Justice
    • state attorneys general
    • governors
    • members of the state legislature
    • law enforcement officers in their official capacities
    • The Prison Rape Elimination Act Unit at Headquarters

2. Incoming legal mail must have the return address on the front of the envelope clearly indicating that it is from one of the above listed sources.

3. The front of the envelope must clearly marked "Legal Mail", "Attorney/Client", or similar designation of the item as legal mail.

4. Mail readily identifiable as being from a court will be handled as legal mail regardless of whether it has been marked legal mail.