Contacting an Inmate

Updated and EFFECTIVE January 6, 2021

Inmate Postal Mail

To maintain the security and safety of the inmates and staff, all inmate postal mail (with the exception of Legal Mail, money orders, books, Court Documents, Bank Statements, & Publications) must be sent to the following address:

Lewis County Jail

Inmate Name - ID Number

PO Box 9122

Seminole, FL 33775-9122

Legal Mail, money orders, Court Documents, Books, Bank Statements, & Publications will continue to be sent to the facility directly at 28 SW Chehalis Ave., Chehalis WA 98532

The Inmates Name and ID number must be clearly Printed on the outside of the envelope or postcard to ensure the mail is posted to the correct account. Mail not containing the inmate ID Number and Name will be “Returned to Sender”. The inmate ID number may be found online at

All regular inmate postal mail (Postcards, Letters, Greeting Cards, etc.) will be scanned into the system and available to the inmates to view their postal mail via the inmate kiosks. After electronic processing all inmate postal mail will be destroyed and will not be available.

Upon release inmates can login into the public website at and enter their inmate number and password and download their Photos, Messages, and Postal Mail for FREE!

Money Orders being sent to the facility (28 SW Chehalis Ave., Chehalis WA 98532) must only include the money order. If sent with a letter the entire envelope will be returned. Please write MONEY ORDER on the outside of the envelope.

EMAIL an Inmate

You can Email an inmate at the Lewis County Jail. Go to to sign up and connect now. SmartJailMail connects Family & Friends with inmates using a fast, low cost and easy to use two-way electronic messaging system. You can correspond every day in near real time with instant communications.

Send Photos to an Inmate

You can now send photos to an inmate at the Lewis County Jail. Go to to sign up and send photos now. The photo delivery service allows you to share what is happening in your life through photos with your loved one. There is no limit to the number of photos that can be sent to an inmate. All photos are subject to approval by facility staff.

Upon release inmates can login into the public website at and enter their inmate number and password and download their Photos, and Messages for FREE!

Inmate Mail Rules

The following is a list of approved mail practices

  • Inmates may receive up to eight photographs per letter.
  • Inmates may receive books and/or magazines from the publisher or a recognized bookstore. (Books arriving in a box set, please be advised the box will be destroyed and not provided to the inmates.)
  • Inmates may receive money orders to be deposited in their commissary account.

The following is a list of items not accepted through the mail

  • Obscene or sexually explicit material by its nature or content is not acceptable in this facility.
  • Material which represents a potential health or hygiene problem.
  • Contraband being sent or received.
  • Discussion of escape.
  • Code when contents are not understood by the scanner.
  • Personal checks
  • Polaroid type photo(s)
  • Stickers, glued items, collages, or similar items
  • Laminated/plasticized item(s)
  • Hard back book(s)
  • Magazines, books or catalogs not received from a publisher or an approved bookstore, or not clearly recognized as from a publisher or an approved bookstore.
  • Clothing.
  • Material(s) available through commissary.
  • Stamps or envelopes.
  • Correspondence from within the facility or from another detention facility.
  • Material of an inflammatory nature which may pose a risk to institutional security.
  • Has been purported to be legal mail, but upon visual scanning for contraband, the mail is determined to be general correspondence.
  • Box from box set of books (the box will be destroyed, books will be provided to the inmate)
  • Please see the attached list of books not allowed by Washington State Department of Corrections. The LCJail also follows this list. Books not authorized

If you receive returned mail and wish to appeal, within 10 days, you can call 360-740-1344 or email