Field Operations/Patrol


The Field Operations Bureau encompasses the Patrol Division for the office.


The Patrol Division is under the direct supervision of a Captain and consists of four squads. A Sergeant leads each squad, and each squad is comprised of four or five deputies.

The division is comprised of approximately 24 uniformed personnel. Deputies are responsible for responding to emergencies, investigating crimes that have occurred, conducting traffic enforcement, investigating motor vehicle collisions, and various other duties.

The unincorporated area of Lewis County is divided into two geographic areas for the purpose of patrols. Mossyrock is the dividing line between our east and west areas of the county. On any given shift, one deputy covers the east end of Lewis County and the remaining deputies cover the west end. The patrol supervisor is responsible for deputies working the entire county.

Patrol deputies work a minimum of a 40-hour week, working four days a week, 10-hours a day, with three days off. The shifts rotate every three months from Monday through Thursday to Thursday through Sunday. The deputies work a total of six months on dayshift and six months on nightshift.

In addition, the Field Operations Bureau has a proactive squad of deputies. This team is identified as the Sheriff’s Enforcement Team (SET). SET was created to provide proactive law enforcement in Lewis County, targeting areas in the county identified as having a high crime rate, drug activity, or in need of special law enforcement attention.

The Field Operations Bureau also has deputies assigned to specialty assignments to include Search and Rescue, K-9, Swift Water Rescue, Regional Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT), Boating, and the Reserve Deputy Program.

Deputies also participate in proactive traffic emphasis to increase public safety on Lewis County’s roadways. These High Visibility Enforcement (HVE) patrols focus on speed, seatbelt usage, as well as distracted and impaired driving.

If you need to report an emergency or crime in-progress, call 911. For non-emergent situations or crimes not in-progress, please contact the Lewis County Communications Center at (360) 740-1105.