Report An Infestation

Report Weeds Here (<-- Click link)

Citizens can report noxious weeds infestations utilizing the link below.

If you are uncertain about ID, please take several photos of leaves, flowers, branches and entire plant, and send to or consult the state board online resource found here: Washington State Noxious Weed Control Board.

  • Please note that there may be a popup box when you open the browser link from a mobile device:

Just hit ok and it will open the report without issue.

Please be as specific as possible in your report. Include any site information that may help us locate the infestation, i.e. "about 50' SW of the crossroads Main st and Cascade ave", or "Seen inside the fence along the base of the power pole closest to the driveway", etc.

Make sure to drop a pin on the map representing the location of the infestation. You can use different base maps (click on squares in upper right corner circled in red on the screen shot below), to help orient yourself and use aerial imagery or roads to find the infestation location.

Upon confirmation of the infestation, we will contact the landowner and inform them of their control obligations per RCW 17.10. We will not disclose how we were first notified of the infestation, nor give out the names of any noxious weed reporters.

Report Weeds Here (<-- Click link)

If you are reporting potential lower Cowlitz release sites for the knotweed bio-control proposal project, please make sure to review the following parameters:

  • Site must be a small (approximately 50' in diameter or less) and isolated patch (no other patches within 200 feet)
  • Sites must not be in areas of dynamic water activity (i.e. flooding) & preferably above the water line
  • Sites must be relatively easy to access with person-carried equipment
  • A photo is required with every submission

Public properties are preferable, but we will absolutely consider private properties as well. We will reach out the property owner accordingly to coordinate participation.

Reach out to us for any questions!