Class A Priorities

Class A noxious weeds are LCNWCB's highest priority for early detection and rapid eradication. The legal requirement for Class A weed control is total eradication of all plant parts. These weeds are either absent in Lewis county or are here with very limited distribution. The only class A species that is currently known to be present in Lewis County is a single infestation of Milk Thistle, which was found in a common dumping area of Centralia. Historically, there have been records of Giant Hogweed in Lewis County, but these, to the best of our knowledge, have been eradicated.

The Class A's we are most concerned about here in Lewis County include:

Eggleaf Spurge2

Eggleaf Spurge

False Brome1

False Brome

Garlic Mustard2

Garlic Mustard

Giant Hogweed4

Giant Hogweed

milk thistle closeup.jpg

Milk Thistle

oriental clematis flower.jpg

Oriental Clematis

Turkish Thistle1

Turkish Thistle

Slenderflower Thistle

Slenderflower Thistle