Shiny Geranium

Geranium lucidum

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Shiny Geranium - A small, annual or biennial herbaceous plant with basal, lobed, shiny leaves. Usually has reddish stems.

Leaves: Rounded/kidney-shaped leaves. Leaves are divided into lobed sections that each have 3 lobes at the tip. Leaf stems have hair on one side.

Flowers: Flowers bloom from April-June. Flowers are pink with 5 petals each. Each flower has 5 slightly expanded sepals.

Habitat: Plant grows well in shaded woodlands and forest openings. Plant can also tolerate partial and full sun. May be found alongside Herb Robert.

Weed Classification: B Designate

Why is it a Noxious Weed?

Shiny Geranium spreads aggressively and has moved into several surrounding counties. The seeds germinate when conditions are favorable in a variety of habitats making it hard to control.

This plant can grow alongside other weeds, like Herb Robert. If you are having trouble with identification or have any questions, please let us know.

Control Recommendations:

WA State Noxious Weed Board

PNW Pest Management Handbook

King County Noxious Weed Board - Best Management Practices