Common Catsear

Hypochaeris radicata


Common Catsear - A perennial with a basal rosette of leaves, followed by upright/slightly bent stems that are usually leafless in its second year.

Leaves: Leaves are rough and hairy, with lobed or waxy margins. Leaves can be 1.2-13.8 inches long and .2-2.8 inches wide.

Flowers: Flowers bloom from May-October. Dandelion-like flowers that are yellow and disc like and are 1-1.5 inches across.

Habitat: Common Catsear grows in disturbed areas, such as yards, roadsides, pastures, waste areas, gardens, and seed fields.

Weed Classification: C

Why is it a Noxious Weed?

It is a potentially poisonous, aggressively spreading plant that invades lawns and lowland pastures. It can outcompete grasses and other desired vegetation, especially in cases with poor pasture management.

Common Catsear is quite common throughout the county. If you need help with identification let us know, though!

Control Recommendations:

WA State Noxious Weed Control Board

UC Davis Weed Report

Whatcom County Weed Control