Class Bs of Concern

The Class Bs featured here are either already found in Lewis County or have been confirmed in neighboring counties and are likely to be introduced. Weeds are often spread unintentionally through the movement of materials, such as hay, dirt, gravel, and woodchips. They are also brought in by pets, animals, floods, ATVs and other vehicles, and watercraft. Finally, many are brought in intentionally as ornamentals by those who are unfamiliar with the noxiousness of that particular species. It is very important to recognize noxious weeds so that you can have a better understanding of your risk of transporting seeds or other propagative parts!

Each species on the list is a hyperlink to a page featuring photos, information, and control recommendations.

The class B noxious weeds that we believe all Lewis County residents should know include:

Butterfly bush

Butterfly Bush

European coltsfoot

European Coltsfoot

common fennel

Common Fennel

common tansy

Common Tansy



yellow hawkweed


himalayan knotweed

Himalayan Knotweed

hoary alyssum

Hoary Alyssum



poison hemlock

Poison Hemlock

policeman's helmet

Policeman's Helmet

rush skeletonweed

Rush Skeletonweed

scotch broom

Scotch Broom

shiny geranium

Shiny Geranium

spurge laurel

Spurge Laurel

Tansy Ragwort

Tansy Ragwort

yellow archangel

Yellow Archangel