Weeds in Lewis County

As a Lewis County landowner, you might have one (or many) noxious weeds that are causing you concern, or that you may be legally required to control. We've compiled a list of some common weeds that occur in Lewis County. To this list, we've also added some weeds that we consider "high priority" noxious weeds, as they are not yet widespread or they pose a particular threat to our economy, our ecosystem, or our health. These are organized, for you, into the following categories: Class As, Class Bs, Class Cs, and Aquatic Weeds.

For the complete 2023 Lewis County Weed List click here. The 2023 APPENDIX is helpful in understanding terms, designations, and weeds classified as "select", to view the appendix click here.

If you are trying to identify a weed, check out the Washington State Noxious Weed Control Board 'Weed Search' tool.