Noxious Weed List

Every year, the Washington State Weed Board adopts a noxious weed list, which goes into effect on the first of January. In the following months, the Lewis County Noxious Weed Control Board adopts its own, county-level, weed list. This list includes a number of Class A and B-Designate noxious weeds that are essentially orders from the state weed board to the county weed board, and are required for either total eradication or to have their seed production stopped within the county whenever possible. In addition, the county Weed Board also has the option to select additional Class B & C weeds to the county's list that are a local priority for control and/or education efforts.

Lewis County Weed Control will use noxious weed data from a variety of sources, including reports from federal or state agencies or other counties within Washington State, to identify the weeds that it believes should be considered to be high priority, due to their likelihood of introduction, etc. The Board welcomes input from the public regarding weed selection to the county weed list, contact us for more information.

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