Apartment/Multifamily Recycling

apartment bag insert.jpg

Apartment residents can recycle the items shown above

Project encourages recycling at apartment complexes

The Lewis County Department of Public Works Solid Waste Utility received a Waste Reduction and Recycling Education grant from the Department of Ecology to encourage apartment complexes to sign up for recycling, and help their residents understand how to recycle correctly.

Complexes that sign up through this effort will receive recycling totes for each of their units. Residents will use the tote to collect recyclable materials within their unit. The totes have an insert that shows the materials that can be included in the recycling program, along with reminders on common items that get include in recycling totes that are actually garbage and contaminate recycling loads. The totes have handles for convenient carry out, and a handle on the bottom, so residents can hang on to the bag when they are dumping material in the apartment building's outdoor container for recyclables.

A consulting firm, Resource Synergy, is reaching out to Lewis County apartment complexes to share information with site managers on the cost-saving benefits of recycling, how to sign up for the recycling program with LeMay (the local company that provides recycling, garbage and organics pickup), and educational materials available to residents. The goal is to sign up five apartment buildings or 150 apartment units.

Apartment owners or managers interested in participating in the program, which is available on a first-come, first-served basis, may call Resource Synergy at 509-796-3749.