Medical Waste and Sharps Disposal

Medical Waste, Sharps and leftover Medicine disposal

Medical waste needs to be managed properly. 

To find out some of the risks of improperly disposing of medicines please visit . This link illustrates the dangers of various infections which can be spread  by improper handling and disposal of biohazardous waste.

Please call the Lewis County Health Department at 360-740-1417 for information on proper management and disposal options.

Left over medicines are a serious problem for Lewis County. Left over medicines can cause environmental damage if not properly disposed of. Left over medicines, when taken by someone other than the patient, can lead to overdose and death. The Lewis County Sheriff's Office has a leftover medicine take back program. Please visit the web site for more information.

Residential sharps (needles and diabetic lancets) are both dangerous and a biological hazard. Proper management is required to prevent injury and the spread of disease. Please use an approved sharps container for needles and lancets. Containers of sharps from a RESIDENTIAL USER ONLY, 1 Gallon per residential customer per day limit may be safely disposed of at the Lewis County Central Transfer Station and the East Lewis County Transfer Station. Sharps, needles, or lancets from Medical offices are NOT ALLOWED to be placed in the sharps container at either transfer station

Stericycle offers disposal services for sharps and other medical waste. See the web site for contact information.

For more information on medical waste and it's hazards and guides for proper disposal please click the following link