Investment Information

Lewis County Investment Pool (LCIP)

The LCIP is an investment pool consisting of public funds offered by the Lewis County Treasurer and authorized under RCW’s 36.29.020, 36.29.022 and 36.29.024.

The LCIP was established to provide county departments as well as eligible government entities within Lewis County a mechanism whereby they may utilize the resources of the County Treasurer to maximize the potential of their surplus public funds, in a manner that optimizes safety, liquidity and return on such funds.

Earnings income from the County Treasurer’s investments is distributed back to our clients, and supports local public services, reducing the amount necessary to levy in taxes. Every dollar returned by our investments is a dollar saved by taxpayers.

In 2023, the County Treasurer’s investment program earned $8.06 million for the benefit of local government entities and taxpayers.

All investment decisions are governed by the Lewis County Investment Policy, which is established by the three members of the Lewis County Finance Committee (the County Treasurer, the County Auditor, and the chair of the County legislative authority).

For investment related questions, please contact: Rodney Reynolds, Investment and Banking Officer-

Lewis County Investment Policy (Signed)

LCIP Participant Agreement

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