Transportation Improvement

Transportation Improvement Program

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) represents the county's transportation priorities for a six-year time period and identifies road and bridge construction, and other transportation improvement projects throughout the unincorporated county. The Annual Construction Program (ACP) represents the first year of the program. Pursuant to Washington law and administrative code (RCW 36.81.121 & WAC 136-15-150), every year Public Works prepares a TIP and ACP for adoption by the Lewis County Board of County Commissioners after a public hearing thereon. Once adopted, road and bridges targeted for improvement may require new vertical and horizontal alignment, resurfacing, additional right of way, or replacement of structures. The degree of repair needed is determined by field evaluations.

2024-2029 Transportation Improvement Program
Adopted on November 21, 2023, Resolution No. 23-370

2024-2029 Annual Construction Program Map

The TIP and ACP list includes road, bridge, maintenance and other miscellaneous projects to be implemented over six years in order of priority. In most instances, the roads and bridges are identified by road or bridge name and have the "from" and "to" mileposts for the project areas. It also provides the estimated project costs and funding sources.