Public Works FAQ

Do you pick up dead animals?

Yes, but only if it is on the county right-of-way (road or ditch); not if it is on private property.

Why can’t you just drain this swampy area so the road won’t get flooded?

We have strict rules imposed on us by other departments such as Washington State Fish and Wildlife Department, Department of Ecology, and other State/Federal agencies.The problem must be related to a road. We cannot drain private land.

Who do I call to get a ditch cleaned?

The Area Supervisor can be contacted.Please call Public Works at (360)740-1122 or -1123 to learn in what area you live and the number for the Area Supervisor, or check with Road Maintenance.

What do I do about beavers building a dam and flooding my property?

There are people who trap beavers for a fee. Look under Pest Control Services in the yellow pages of your telephone book.

Why isn’t my road approach approved yet?

We will check to see what is happening with it. You may have forgotten to tell us it was staked or to tell the Supervisor that it is ready for a final inspection.

What do I need to do to get tree(s) or limb(s) cut?

Call the Special Operations Supervisor (360-978-5548), who will assess the situation and let you know if he can or cannot cut the vegetation. We cut only limbs or trees that are in the county right-of-way or are leaning over the county road. If the trees are in the power lines, you will need to contact the Lewis County PUD at 360-740-9261.

Are they going to spray the ditches here, OR what if I don’t want my ditches sprayed?

Call the Special Operations Supervisor (360-978-5548) to find out if the ditches at your location are on the schedule or to request No Spray.

I want to put something under the road, (e.g., a water line, power line, or phone line), who do I call?

Garry Scott, Utility Inspector, who will meet you at the site and then let you know what you need to do. His telephone number is (360)740-1112.

What are the road standards for Lewis County?

The road standards govern how county and private roads are to be built.You can find the standards under County Code on the Lewis County website.Look in Title 12 PUBLIC ROADS AND PLACES.

When is the new road atlas coming out?

Now that the maps are available on the Lewis County website (in the GIS Map Library), we don’t have a date for the next printing of the atlas.

Why did you leave a pile of snow at my driveway entrance?

When plowing snow on 1,000 miles of Lewis County roads, we don’t have enough time to clear the driveway entrances.Sometimes when we complete plowing all our roads, we are able to come back and clear some entrances.Please let us know if you have a special need in case we can help you.

When will you plow the snow on my road?

Snow plowing routes have been established so that school bus routes and heavily traveled roads are plowed first.Steep hills, curves and bridges are also priorities for safety purposes.

I live on a private road. Can I contact the County if I need help?

The County has no jurisdiction on private roads.We don’t maintain them, or enforce any type of laws on them.If you are having problems with other owners who share a private road, you can seek legal advice from an attorney.All roads, whether private or county, must be signed with street names in case of an emergency; other than that, we don’t enforce, maintain, or place additional signs on private roads.

Can you tell me if Skate Creek Road is open from Packwood to Ashford?

The telephone number for the Forest Service station in Randle is (360) 497-1100. They should be able to tell you if the Forest Service part of the road is open.

How do I get on a list to do work for the County?

You can print an application for the Small Works Roster off the county website, come in for one, or we can mail you one.Call Kim Amrine at (360) 740-2612.

Where can I get information about the Adopt-A-Road program?

Public Works Department, Solid Waste Management.Phone (360) 740-1451.

Why aren't there any speed sign on this road?

Not all roads in the county are posted for speed.If they aren’t posted as being different, they are 50 miles an hour.

What if I want to build a driveway or road from my place and connect it to the County Road?

You need a "road approach permit." Currently, the cost of this permit is $150.00. You can print the permit off the website, come in to the office, or we can mail it to you. After you have applied, we check ownership and legal access, then send it to the Area Supervisor. The Supervisor will look at the location you wish to build the driveway/road, then contact you about what needs to be done. You will be responsible for installing the approach and calling the Supervisor for a final inspection.

What can I do when rocks from your sander or truck hit my vehicle?

If your vehicle is struck by rocks or sand coming from a Lewis County vehicle, call Public Works (360-740-1123), and we will give your number to the Area Supervisor after finding out the road you were on. After talking to the Supervisor, you may need to contact Risk Management at (360)740-1279.

What roads are you responsible for?

We maintain county roads.The State and Federal highways are maintained by the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT).If you need to report a problem on a state highway in Lewis County, call WSDOT’s Chehalis office at (360) 740-8640.City streets are maintained by the city.

How do I get on a list to sell a product to the county?

The vendor list is handled by Lexi in the Auditor’s Office at (360) 740-2668.