Road Maintenance

The Lewis County Road Maintenance Division is responsible for providing cost effective and safe travel over the 1,053 miles of county roadway. To accomplish this, the division has five Road Maintenance area shops, a vegetation & guardrail program, and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement. Each maintenance area has an appropriate number of personnel and
equipment assigned to handle the routine road maintenance, repairs, and storm response
duties and responsibilities in their area. It is a continuous process maintaining and improving the existing county-wide transportation system.

To send a Road Maintenance Service Request or to report road damage, you may contact the department at 360.740.1123 or by email at

Road Maintenance Manager ------ Kevin Korpi 360.740.3381

(Road shop hours 6:30am - 3:00 pm)

Area 1 - Big Hanaford Shop 148 Big Hanaford Rd. Centralia, Washington 360.736.9222

Area 2 - Adna Shop 307 Spooner Rd. Chehalis, Washington 360.748.2359

Area 3 - Winlock Shop 111 Pleasant Valley Rd. Winlock, Washington 360.785.3304

Area 5 - Ethel Shop 162 Brim Rd. Onalaska, Washington 360.978-5879

Area 7 - Kiona Shop 8911 US Hwy 12 Randle, Washington 360.497.3182

Special Ops/Veg & Guardrail 162 Brim Rd. Onalaska, Washington 360.978.5548

The responsibilities of the Public Works Road Shops include:

  • Road, bridge maintenance, and guardrail repair
  • Vegetation control
  • Minor construction
  • Snow and ice control
  • Ditch maintenance
  • Culvert maintenance
  • Surface patching and crack sealing
  • Re-surfacing roads
  • Gravel road maintenance
  • Rock pits and quarries operations