Bridge Program

Bridges of many kinds are an integral part of every county road system. The safety and adequacy of these bridges is of vital importance to the traveling public. A program of regular periodic inspection and reporting is necessary to fully inform each county legislative authority regarding the condition and adequacy of all bridges.

The County Engineer has a complete inventory of all National Bridge Inventory (NBI) bridges on the county road system, and shall be responsible for all routine and special inspections of all NBI bridges on the county road system in accordance with the National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS) as promulgated and periodically revised by the WSDOT local programs office.

The County Engineer furnishes the county legislative authority with a written report of the findings of the bridge inspection effort. This report is made available to said authority and shall be consulted during the preparation of the proposed six-year transportation program revision. The report shall include the County Engineer's recommendations as to replacement, repair, or load restrictions for each deficient bridge.

2022 Annual Bridge Report