The following page(s) list sales in Lewis County for the calendar year of 2013. Sales from 2013 were the primary market data used in setting values for Assessment Year 2014 for Taxes payable in 2015. The assessment/lien date for Assessment Year 2014 is 1/1/2014. This means your assessed value for assessment year 2014 should reflect 100% of the market value of your property as of 1/1/2014.

Citizens using this information should perform their own research to verify that each transaction is “arm’s length.” An arm’s length transaction is defined as “A transaction between unrelated parties under no duress.” (Appraisal Institute, The Dictionary of Real Estate Appraisal) Determining if a transaction is arm’s length is one step in ascertaining whether the sale and the purchase price may reflect market.

A key to general market areas and links to pages with countywide sales and sales broken out by general market areas are listed below.

Market Areas:

11xx - Chehalis-Jackson Hwy
21xx - Mossyrock
22xx - Onalaska
31xx - Adna
32xx - Boistfort/Curtis
33xx- Evaline
34xx- Napavine
35xx- Doty/Dryad/Pe Ell
41xx- Toledo
42xx- Vader
43xx- Winlock
51xx- Eatonville/Ashford
52xx- Morton
53xx- Glenoma
54xx- Mineral
55xx- Packwood
56xx- Randle
57xx- Cispus
61xx- Centralia (City)
62xx- Cooks Hill
63xx- Fords Prairie
64xx- Galvin
65xx- Waunches Prairie
66xx- Lincoln Creek
67xx- Salzer Valley
68xx- Rochester
69xx- Oakville

Sales Legend

Lewis County

Mobile Homes County Wide

Adna Boistfort



East County

Mossyrock Onalaska

Toledo Winlock