HOME IMPROVEMENT EXEMPTION: Physical improvement to a detached single family dwelling may be exempt from taxation for the three assessment years subsequent to the completion of the improvement, up to 30% of the value of the original structure; the home improvement exemption may be claimed only once in a five year period. Normal maintenance work does not qualify for this exemption. Notice must be filed prior to completion of the improvement being made on forms furnished by the Assessor.

HISTORIC PROPERTY: Historic property exemption is for property which is listed in a local register of historic places created by a comprehensive land planning ordinance, certified by the Secretary of the Interior, or listed in the National Register of Historic Places. You may receive an exemption on a portion of your rehabilitation of the property. For more information see https://dahp.wa.gov.

WATER QUALITY EXEMPTION: Taxpayers may apply for a property tax exemption for improvements to property devoted to fish and wildlife habitat restoration and protection and for water quality and quantity improvements. To qualify, the improvements must be in accordance with a local conservation district’s written plan for best management practices. You must apply at the Lewis County Conservation District office.