About the Assessor

A lifelong Washington resident, Ross has lived in the Winlock area for over 22 years. He is a strong member of the Lewis County Community, and works hard to do his part to be a benefit to others. Ross has served as a Boy Scout leader, as a volunteer and employee in schools, and continues to serve in many ways in his church and in the community.

Through the years, Ross has worked in the private sector, including running a small business successfully while raising four children with his wife of over 30 years. His training and experience as an Independent Fee Appraiser, along with extensive management experience has prepared Ross in many ways to serve as Lewis County Assessor.

Ross works hard to run your Assessor's Office as efficiently as possible, and is an active participant in the daily duties and functions of the office. He works every day to save the taxpayers money.

Ross is making sure that the office is run in an open and transparent way, and that each person that has contact with the office is heard. He is making it a priority to educate, inform and listen. He has strong ethics and ensures that everything is done according to the law.