Veterans Relief Fund

Veterans' Relief Fund


Veterans or spouses of veterans may be eligible for assistance through the Veterans Relief Fund. Possible help includes:

  • Funeral Expenses
  • Utilities
  • Rent/Housing
  • Emergency Medical Expenses
  • Food Vouchers
  • Gas Vouchers

Qualifying applicants may receive up to $450 (no money is given to the applicant) in assistance for categories other than funeral expenses or housing. Qualifying applicants may receive up to $700 for funeral expenses or $750 for rent/housing.

To apply for veterans' benefit services, please complete an application and gather all of the acceptable documentation:

  • DD214 (Under honorable discharges only)
  • Washington State Driver's License or Picture ID
  • Proof of Washington residence for one year
  • Spouse's ID or Marriage Certificate
  • Birth certificate for all dependents
  • Proof of income (check stub or bank statement) OR Lack of income (if you have no income you will need to prove it, example: income tax return/bank statement). Please see income eligibility table below.
  • Original bill to be paid for utilities
  • Original bill for funeral expenses
  • Rent - must have a W-9 (provided by the County upon request) and a copy of the rental agreement, signed by the landlord. A relative of the veteran does not qualify as a bona fide landlord.

Call the Veterans' Benefits Specialist, 360-740-1417, to schedule an appointment to submit your application or you may bring in your application 9am-3pm Monday through Thursday. All applications are reviewed and determination is made on a case by case basis.

Income Eligibility Table

The attached table is used to determine if you qualify for the Veterans' Relief Fund; if you do not fall within these guidelines, you will not be eligible for the program. You may be eligible for other benefits.

For questions call Heidi Palmer at 360-740-1417, 360-740-1223 or 1-800-562-6130.