Social Services

Social Services works to ensure service delivery systems in Lewis County that maximize individual potential while promoting choice, accessibility, opportunity and full participation in all aspects of Lewis County life.

Social Services coordinates funding and leads projects that address:

  • Behavioral Health and substance use disorder treatment
  • Employment programs for adults with Developmental Disabilities
  • Recreation Programs for adults with Developmental Disabilities
  • Housing Programs
  • Substance abuse prevention

Programs and Staff Members

Opioid Misuse Prevention and Mental Health Program
Program Coordinator - Caroline Garibay, (360) 740-1167,

Developmental Disabilities Program
Program Coordinator - Sara Sons, (360) 740-1418,

Housing Programs
Program Coordinator - Justia Madrigal, (360) 880-6919,
Community Outreach Worker, Sr. - Coleman Rogers, (360) 880-6391,

Substance Abuse Prevention Program
Centralia Program Coordinator - Jennifer Jardine, (360) 520-0820,
Morton Program Coordinator - Mindie McCoy, (360) 740-1214,