Traffic infractions



Payment of the citation: This can be done by mail with a check or money order. DO NOT SEND CASH. NSF checks will be treated as a failure to respond. Payment may also be made over the telephone or in person with a debit or credit card. The number to call for payment over the telephone is (360) 740-1203. ***PLEASE NOTE*** There is a processing fee of 2.95% with a minimum of $2.00 for all debit or credit card payments.

Mitigation Hearing: You agree the infraction was committed but you want a hearing to explain the circumstances.The infraction will go on your driving record.

Contested Hearing: You want to challenge the infraction because you did not commit the infraction. The state must prove by a preponderance (more than likely) of the evidence that the infraction was committed. You can require witnesses, including the officer who wrote the ticket to attend the hearing. The court will tell you how to request a witness's appearance. If it is found you committed the infraction, it will on your driving record. If it is found the infraction did not occur, the case will be dismissed and will NOT go on your driving record.

Deferral: The Judge may defer an infraction for six months to a year. Providing conditions are met, the charge would be dismissed. Please contact the court for information.

Non-Traffic infractions

You have the same options as traffic infractions, Non-traffic infractions DO NOT go on your driving record.

Hearings by Mail

Mitigation, Contested and Deferral requests can be heard by mail. Although Deferrals can be requested on either form. if for any reason it is not granted, the hearing will be held according to the chosen form.


Deferral/Mitigation hearing by written statement

Deferral/Contested hearing by written statement

Motion to Vacate - If a finding of committed was entered by the court because it wasn't responded to or paid in a timely manner, use this form to request the court allow the judgment vacated and set for a hearing.