District Court Fee Schedule

Small Claims

$29.00 Small Claims filing fee (Maximum claim $5,000)

$29.00 Small claim counter, cross, 3rd party filing fee

Civil Claims

$83.00 Civil Case (Maximum claim $100,000)

$83.00 Civil counter, cross, 3rd party filing fee

$53.00 Civil judgment extension

$53.00 Civil Case, based on unpaid citation

$40.00 Transcribe Small Claim to Civil docket

$12.00 Writ of Garnishment

$20.00 Supplemental Proceeding

$125.00 Civil Jury Demand

$20.00 Transcript of Judgment

$10 Min. Exemplified copy ($5 for exemplified form, $5 for each certified copy of document)



Name Changes

$83.00 Name Change Filing Fee

$115.00 Initial certified copy of order on name change (2 pages, $1.00 for each additional page, if any)

Vehicle Impounds


Civil Appeals

$230.00 Superior Court Filing Fee-Appeal (small claim, civil, infraction)

$40.00 District Court Appeal Preparation Fee

Copy fees

$5.00 Certified copy of a document

$.25 Copy - per page

$10.00 Tape/Disc copy fee