Warrant Quash Options and Procedure

The following options may be utilized to address an outstanding warrant:

  • Post cash bail in person at the court’s clerk’s window;
  • Post an out of custody bond;
  • Set a hearing to motion the court to quash the warrant (see below procedure); or
  • In certain situations, defendants may turn themselves into the jail. The jail is currently on booking restrictions due to COVID, so defendants should contact the jail at (360) 740-1344 to inquire if they would be accepted for booking.

Setting a Hearing for Motion to Quash a Warrant

If a defendant is represented by counsel, the attorney must make appropriate arrangements to properly docket the case for a hearing on the defendant’s motion to quash an arrest warrant. Represented defendants are NOT permitted to docket motions.

An unrepresented defendant may docket a motion to quash a warrant, utilizing the following procedures (ALL steps must be followed in order to get a case on the court’s docket):

1. The defendant must contact the court clerk’s office (in person or over the phone) and request a date and time for the motion to be heard.

2. Once the defendant has been provided a date and time, the defendant must properly complete a docket notice form to get their case put on the court’s calendar for the date and time provided.

Form: Docket Notice

This form can also be obtained in person at the court’s clerk’s office.

3. File the original docket notice with the court, and serve a copy on the Lewis County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office or City Prosecutor's Office, whichever is appropriate. This is the action that gets your case on the court docket.

You may file your docket notice by hand delivering or mailing the original document to the court. If you are unable to make a copy of your original docket notice, you may create two originals, providing one
original to the court and one to the prosecutor.

4. Physically appear in court on the date and time of your hearing. At the hearing, the court will decide whether to quash or serve the warrant.

These warrant options are subject to change. You should check this website frequently for the most current procedure.Docket NoticeDocket Notice - Quash