Courtroom Decorum

All attorneys, litigants, witnesses, and other individuals in the courtroom shall abide by the following rules of conduct:

  • Always be prompt.  Be in the courtroom ready to proceed at the appointed time.
  • Stand when the judge or the jury enters or leaves the courtroom.
  • Do not make personal attacks on the opposing counsel or parties.
  • Do not interrupt. Wait your turn. Address all remarks to the Court. Argument between litigants or their attorneys is not permitted.
  • After the court has ruled, ask the court's permission before arguing further.
  • Rise when addressing the Court and when making objections as this calls the Court's attention to you.
  • Do not approach a witness or the jury without asking permission of the Court.
  • Dress appropriately to the serious nature of the matters before the court. Shorts and other kinds of beach apparel are not appropriate. Clothing advertising alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs are not appropriate. Hats are not to be worn in the courtroom unless required by religious custom and practice.

LLARLJ 5 Adopted Effective Date 9/01/98; amended effective 9/01/06