About the BOCC

Sean D. Swope, Commissioner District No. 1
Lindsey R. Pollock, DVM, Commissioner District No. 2
Gary Stamper, Commissioner District No. 3

Board of County Commissioners
351 NW North Street
Chehalis WA, 98532
Phone: (360) 740-1120
Fax: (360) 740-1475

The Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) is the county’s legislative authority. The commissioners serve as the chief administrators for Lewis County operations.

The three county commissioners are elected to four-year terms. The county is divided into three districts of relatively equal population as determined by federal census every ten years. At the time of election, each commissioner must live in and represent his/her district. The commissioners are partisan and nominated in a primary election from only their particular district. All the voters in the county are given an opportunity in the general election to select the commissioner who will ultimately serve.

The Lewis County Commissioners meet at 10:00 a.m. each Monday in the BOCC Hearing Room – 2nd floor, Historic Courthouse, 351 NW North Street, Chehalis, Washington. A chair is elected annually to preside over these meetings. The current chair is Gary Stamper. The Commissioners also serve as the Board for the Lewis County Health Board (current chair is Lindsey R. Pollock, DVM) and the Lewis County Solid Waste Disposal District #1 (current chair is Sean D. Swope).