Guidelines for Completing an Application

Read the following instructions carefully before completing the application:

1. Job Posting:  Read and follow all instructions and requirements in the Job Posting.

2. Application: The Lewis County application form must be used. A separate application is required for each open position you are applying for.

3. Signature: The application and release form must be signed.

4. Accuracy: All questions must be answered completely and accurately. You may be disqualified for any false or misleading statements or for omitting information.

5. Position: Fill in the position title you are applying for. If it is left blank, your application may be disqualified.

6. Education: Please read the Job Posting for educational requirements. Include the record of your education and/or training background as stated in the Job Posting.

7. Licenses: If the position requires a license or certification, list the name of the license or certification and the expiration date.

8. Resume: A resume will not be accepted in lieu of an application. To write “see resume” on application is not acceptable. A resume may be required as a part of the application package.

9. Supplemental Questionnaire: An applicant may be required to fill out supplemental questionnaire as a part of the application package.

10. Signature: Your signature is required. If the application and/or authorization to release information form is not signed, it may be disqualified.