Employee Recognition

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Above and Beyond

Becky Butler


1st Quarter Milestones January-March 2022

5 Years

Andrew Scrivner- Sheriff’s Office

Landon Cruickshank- Communications

10 Years

Jared Stewart- Information Services

Raychel Johnson-Auditor’s Office

Andrea Lowe- Sheriff’s Office

Ricolena Anders- Juvenile

15 Years

Ramona Romine- Sheriff’s Office

Mathew Schlecht- Sheriff’s Office

Loren Buckman- Public Works

20 Years

Carrie Breen- Sheriff’s Office

David Rodkey- Sheriff’s Office

Christopher Rubin- Sheriff’s Office

25 Years

Debra Hensley- Sheriff’s Office

Tim Giese- Sheriff’s Office

Tony Wintrip- Public Works

30 Years

Gary Smith- Facilities (2nd Quarter) Honoring in first qtr due to vacation/retirement

35 Years

Susan Wickert- Juvenile

2nd Quarter Milestones April-June 2022

5 Years

Andrew Corey - Sheriff’s Office

Amanda Jackson - Sheriff’s Office

Joe Ronsley - Sheriff’s Office

Kiara Husser - Sheriff’s Office

Michelle Norquist - Treasurer’s Office

Mollie Hurt- Community Development

Diana Sherwood - Facilities

Laura Coppock - Public Health & Social Services

Matthew Amoroso - Public Works

Brandon Barnes - Public Works

Timothy Boyer - Public Works

Brian Levine - Public Works

15 Years

Charles Caton - Public Works

John Link - Public Works

20 Years

Gabriel Frase - Sheriff’s Office

Daniel Riordan - Sheriff’s Office

Tifanie Reynolds - Sheriff’s Office

Tara Snelson – Community Development

25 Years

Gary Allen - Sheriff’s Office

Alan Stull - Sheriff’s Office

Jamie Piper - Public Works

3rd Quarter Milestones July-September 2022

5 Years

Dana Coleman - Clerk's Office (2nd Quarter)

Terry Jouper - Auditor's Office

Bradley Garnas - Sheriff's Office

Eric West - Sheriff's Office

10 Years

Laura Rider - Treasurer's Office

Kari Lupo - Sheriff's Office

Tamira Shields - Sheriff's Office

15 Years

Gabe Anzelini - IT

William Wood - Sheriff's Office

Kevin Schultz - Sheriff's Office

Steve Pendelton - Public Works

Aaron Richardson - Public Works

20 Years

Lara McRea - BOCC

25 Years

Kevin Engelbertson - Sheriff's Office

Tina Silvernail - PHSS