Domestic Violence

Obtaining a Domestic Violence Protection Order

If you are in imminent danger or know someone in imminent danger from domestic violence, dial 9-1-1 immediately!

Who is eligible for a Domestic Violence Protection Order?

Anyone who fears violence from a family or household member or who has been the victim of physical harm or fears imminent physical harm, or stalking from a family or household member.

What is the process to obtain an order?

  1. The paperwork to apply for a Domestic Violence Protection Order can be obtained from the Washington State Courts website, the Clerk's Office or Human Response Network. Once the paperwork is completed, the forms are submitted to the Clerk's office prior to seeing a judicial officer. An applicant may be seen at Superior Court's ex parte times which are at 1:00 pm Monday - Thursday, and 1:30 pm on Fridays.
  2. The Clerk's Office will check you in and arrange for you to meet with a judicial officer. If the judicial officer determines you meet the eligibility requirements, a temporary protection order will be entered. A court date will then be set for both parties to be present and, if eligible, a longer-term protection order may be entered.

What is the cost to obtain an order?

The petitioner is not responsible for any costs associated with getting the order.

What are the consequences if an order is knowingly violated?

If the police are made aware of a violation, the violator is subject to mandatory arrest. They will face possible criminal charges or contempt of court. If an assault or reckless endangerment occurs in the process of the violation, the violator is subject to a Class C Felony charge.