Vendor Information

Applying for Admission to the Lewis County Vendor List

In order to be eligible for consideration for providing products and/or services to Lewis County, a vendor must have applied for and have been approved for admission to Municipal Research Services and Center Rosters. Please note that being placed on the Vendor List does not mean that a vendor will be contacted every time a purchase/contract is initiated.

A vendor may request to be added to the Vendor List at any time. Once added, a vendor will remain on the Vendor List until the vendor requests to be removed from the list or until the vendor is no longer in business.

To apply to be added to the Lewis County Vendor List, please go to the following link:

This link will direct you to the Municipal Research Services and Center (MRSC) Rosters page which hosts the online database for small works contracts, consulting services and vendor services for Lewis County.

Please see the Business FAQs and the Business Membership Information page. Want to see a business eligibility video? Click here.


Current vendors who are already on a vendor list, consultant list or small works roster will need to establish an account using the above link to MRSC and reapply to be included on the applicable list!

Questions regarding the Vendor Information form may be directed to 360-740-1139 or email.