Food Worker Classes

Health Department Classes: When and Where

Classes are offered on the 2nd floor of the Public Health & Social Services building the first Tuesday of every month at 9:00 am.

Food worker cards may also be obtained online at:

Study guides are available on the third floor of the Public Health Building for $2.00 or on the DOH Website.

Expiration and Renewal

Initial Food Worker cards are good for two years, while renewals are good for three years. To qualify for a renewal card, you must take the class before your current card expires.

Five year cards are available for those who have taken an approved advanced food safety class such as ServeSafe within the previous 2 years. Call (360) 740-1222 for more information.


Replacement cards are available for current card holders. If you took the food worker class online, you can reprint your card at no charge by signing in to You can also obtain a replacement card for $3.00 on the 3rd floor of the Public Health Building.