Animal Control

Call (360) 740-1105 to report an animal off its property, concerns regarding animal neglect or an animal related bite.

Animal Control Officer/Code Compliance Officer

  • Responds to animal related complaints dispatched through the Lewis County Dispatch Center during normal business hours
  • Works closely with the Humane Officer and law enforcement agencies for investigating animals at-large, animal bites, prohibited activities of animals, and animal cruelty

Humane Officer

  • Investigates referred cases regarding animal cruelty
  • Educates public on animal care and husbandry
  • Permits and inspects Dog Kennel facilities in Lewis County
  • Investigates, issues, and enforces potentially dangerous and dangerous animals in Lewis County
  • Vector control for animal bites (other than bats)
  • Works closely with the Lewis County Animal Shelter when a case has a need for immediate impounding