Prevent Accidental 9-1-1 calls

Avoiding the 9-1-1 hang-up/open line/Accidental callĀ 

Each month over 1200 Wireless 911 calls for service are received by Lewis County Communications. Cell phones have proven to be invaluable tools for help in an emergency. Quick access to 911 services is a common reason people choose to purchase wireless phones.
Wireless phones can easily dial 911 without the phone owner being aware that a 911 call has been made. It is estimated that accidental dialing causes over 20% of the wireless 911 calls in Lewis County. Accidental 911 calls can occur when a phone is placed in a pocket or purse, and gets bumped. Phones with no wireless service can still dial 911, and 911 calls from children playing with discarded wireless phones as a toy are not uncommon.
Lewis County Communications is asking for help in reducing accidental 911 calls from wireless phones. Wireless phone users can help by following the 3 steps* outlined below:

  1. Lock your keypad
  2. Turn off the 911 auto dial feature (not all wireless phones have this feature)
  3. Do not program 911 into speed dial

*Wireless phone users are encouraged to consult the product owner's manual or contact the carrier for assistance in performing these steps on their phone.