Communications Center


Lewis County 911 Communications has provided single source call taking and dispatching services to the citizens and first responders of Lewis County since the mid-1980s. Since that time, there has been evolutionary changes in the level of service, organization structure, and governance of the program.

Lewis County 911 Communications provides three essential services for Lewis County. As the Primary Service Answering Point (PSAP), they receive and record all 911 emergency calls. The second essential function is dispatching the appropriate response agencies to each emergency. The Third essential function, Lewis County 911 Communications operates and manages the vast majority of radio infrastructure within the county. Lewis County 911 Communications provides service to all Fire Districts and Departments, Law Enforcement agencies, American Medical Response (AMR), Lewis County Medic One, and several other agencies.

Lewis County 911 Communications is a county agency, run by an Administrator with a direct line to the County Manager and Board of County Commissioners. This is in conjunction with an Inter-local Administrative Agreement with the Fire, Law, & EMS agencies.



  • Lewis County Sheriff
  • Centralia PD
  • Chehalis PD
  • Napavine PD
  • Winlock PD
  • Toledo PD
  • Morton PD


  • LCFD #1-Onalaska
  • LCFD #2-Toledo
  • LCFD #3-Mossyrock
  • LCFD #4-Morton
  • LCFD #5-Napavine
  • LCFD #6-Chehalis
  • LCFD #8-Salkum
  • LCFD #9-Mineral
  • LCFD #10-Packwood
  • LCFD #11-PeEll
  • LCFD #13-Curtis
  • LCFD #14-Randle
  • LCFD #15-Winlock
  • LCFD #16-Doty
  • LCFD #18-Glenoma
  • Cowlitz-Lewis #20
  • Riverside Fire Auth.
  • Chehalis FD


  • American Medical Response
  • Coroner’s Office
  • Public Works/DEM
  • US Forest Service


  • Current staff of 18.5 Telecommunication Officers.
  • Telecommunications Officers (TCOs) are State Certified in Telecommunicator I and II. TCOs are also trained in Emergency Medical Dispatch to best serve citizens and medical aid responders of Lewis County.
  • Quality Assessment & Improvement program- All TCOs exceeded National Emergency Number Association (NENA) standards for answering 911 calls.
  • Staff Recognition Program- The program consists of seven (7) categories and eight (8) non-monetary awards.

2019 911 SERVICES

In 2019, Lewis County 911 Communications received 208,396 telephone and radio calls for service. Of that total, 30% (61,870) created a dispatch service. There were no public inquiries (grievances) received and only 10 sustained inquires (.16%) from the response groups.

  • Telephone Call Volume: 143,566
  • 911 Disconnects (hang-ups): 2,960
  • Dispatch Events: 61,870


  • Public Records Requests (PDR)
    • PDRs- utilized 312.5 hours to process 348 requests that consumed one-fourth of the Administrative Assistant FTE.
  • CALEA Policy Standards Adopted for 911 Center Reorganized the 911 Communications Center policies into the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) policy format.


Job openings are posted on the Human Resources page on this website. Please check the Human Resources page (Human Resources) for job descriptions, openings, and benefit information.