Communications Center


  • User Agencies
  • $.70/month Local Switched Access Lines & Wireless County Tax
  • $.25/month Local Switched Access & Wireless State Tax


E911 (Enhanced 911) Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for All 911 Calls Placed in Lewis County.

Consolidated Dispatch Center for All Police, Fire & Emergency Medical Aid Calls in Lewis County.

Calls are received and dispatched for: 

  • 10 Law Enforcement Agencies (Including the Sheriff’s Office)
  • 20 Fire Departments
  • 1 Private Ambulance Company
  • Other agencies with radio traffic monitored at the Center


19 employees have earned Telecommunicator I and II State Certifications. Employees are also trained in Emergency Medical Dispatch to best serve citizens and medical aid responders of Lewis County.

Job openings are posted on the Human Resources page on this website. Please check the Human Resources page for job descriptions, openings, and benefit information.

In 2016, Lewis County 9-1-1 Communications Center Dispatched 51,488 calls. These include:

40,173 law calls

9,464 fire calls

1,851 law/fire calls