As of March 2013 five of the staff members are nationally registered Medicolegal Death Investigators through the American Boardof Medicolegal Death Investigators (ABMDI) with three others waiting to take their exams. To become registered there are three criteria: 1. Have 650 hours of death investigation experience and be employed in a Coroner/MedicalExaminerOffice 2. Demonstrate competency in 300 tasks involving death investigation 3. Pass a four hour comprehensive examination with at least an 80%

The certification period is for five years during which continuing education (CE) hours are required to be re-certified. These CE hours can be earned by attending conferences and taking courses both in person and online through the National Institute of Justice.

Becoming nationally registered death investigatorsfurtherensures that the practices performed by this office and its employees are in direct line with nationally established standards in the field of medicolegal death investigation.