Lewis County Budget

State law
establishes the general requirements of Lewis County’s budget process. By law,
many revenues must be spent in specific ways. This limits how the County can
spend or cut costs to balance the budget.

The Budget
Department facilitates development of the budget. All department heads and
elected officials develop and submit their budget requests by early August.
After their requests are reviewed, the Budget Administrator submits a
Preliminary Budget to the Board of Lewis County Commissioners (BOCC) in early
September. From there, the BOCC meets with each department director and elected
official to discuss their respective preliminary budgets.

Two public
hearings and one evening presentation are held prior to adoption of the Final
Budget. Department and elected official preliminary budget requests are
published in the local libraries and colleges. The Auditor's Office maintains
legal responsibility and authority for overseeing and controlling the
expenditure of money once it has been budgeted by the BOCC. 

Public meetings
are held on the first Monday in October, Mid-November, and the first Monday in
December and there is also an opportunity to comment on the budget during an
evening presentation in mid-November.

The Board of County Commissioners meet at
10:00 A.M. every Monday morning except for holidays in the Historic Courthouse
located at 351 NW North St. in Chehalis. Information is also available in the
Budget Department located in the Historic Courthouse in Chehalis.

For specific dates
regarding the current year budget cycle please refer to the budget calendar
located in the budget in brief or contact the budget office by phone at (360) 740-1198 or email becky.sisson@lewiscountywa.gov.