About Lewis County Superior Court

Lewis County Superior Court is a state trial court of general jurisdiction situated in Lewis County. This court has state-wide jurisdiction and hears major criminal matters (felonies), civil cases including cases involving real property, domestic relations matters, appeals from lower courts (Lewis County District and Municipal Courts), and appeals from state administrative agencies. Superior Court also has jurisdiction in adoption, probate and competency cases.

Juvenile Court is a department of Superior Court and hears juvenile offender matters as well as child dependency cases. Juvenile Court also operates a juvenile detention facility.

Lewis County's Superior Court has three full-time elected judges who sit on all matters and one Superior Court Commissioner who hears family law, dependency, domestic violence and juvenile cases.

Mission Statement

"To serve the public by administering justice and resolving disputes under the law, thereby protecting the rights and liberties guaranteed by the constitutions of the State of Washington and the United States."