Lewis County Assessor sends property owners new revaluation information

071123 Assessor Ross Nielson.JPG

Lewis County Assessor Ross Nielson.

CHEHALIS – The Lewis County Assessor’s Office has mailed property revaluation notices for taxes owed in 2024. Some values have increased, some have lowered, depending on areas and other factors. The notices will be representing property value as of January 1, 2023.

Lewis County Assessor Ross Nielson says his office has the responsibility to determine the value of all taxable real and personal property within the county. State law requires the Assessor to revalue real property on an annual basis, and to value at 100% of market value per RCW 84.40.

Any taxpayer that disagrees with the value determined by the Assessor can appeal the valuation to the county Board of Equalization. Owners are also invited to discuss their property with the Assessor’s Office to verify information and to learn more about the revaluation process.

“Contrary to popular misconceptions, the Assessor does not calculate taxes, collect taxes, set tax rates, or create tax bills,” said Nielson.

The Assessor also keeps property record inventory, appraisal reports, various maps of properties within the county, and an assessment roll of all properties in the county including ownership, description, tax code area, location, sales, and assessed valuation.

Nielson said anyone with questions and or wanting to verify information regarding property can call 360-740-1392 or visit his office on the 2nd floor of the Historic Lewis County Courthouse, 351 NW North St. in Chehalis.

Posted: November 03, 2023