Collaboration in the face of Rapid Growth

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A group of local governments—the City of Chehalis, the Port of Chehalis, Twin Transit, and Lewis County—are collaborating to reckon with the rapid growth expected in south Chehalis and its adjacent urban growth area (UGA). Chehalis is projected to grow by over 13,000 people by 2045.

The South Chehalis/UGA Design Project is a standing workgroup convened by these governments, with several other participants and partners, to address the infrastructure, development, land-use, and other needs of this growing area.

“The south Chehalis UGA is booming,” notes Eric Eisenberg, the Lewis County staffer who first organized the group. “In twenty years, we want this area to have desirable housing that people can afford, family-wage jobs, well-equipped schools, minimal traffic, ample parking, and walkable amenities. That requires cooperation and shared planning; this group is taking that on.”

The public is invited to an information session about the collaboration at 6PM on December 4, 2023 at the City of Chehalis Council Chamber at 350 N. Market Blvd, Room 101, in Chehalis. Interested groups may include realtors, fire officials, school officials, engineering or construction firms, developers, business organizations, civic organizations or citizens’ groups, and the general public. Please see the associated flyer for the session.

“Cooperative planning efforts are critical to the success of the Port as it seeks to attract businesses and improve our local quality of life,” says Lindsey Senter, Executive Director of the Port of Chehalis. “I hope people will come out to see what we are doing to keep our community vibrant.

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Posted: November 14, 2023